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Impact CMS is the only CMS developed for WebPlus Client Sites AND designed AND built in WebPlus

Designed to allow clients to edit their own selected areas on their website live on line, without requiring them to have WebPlus, any version of Impact CMS can be used to manage editing of client sites built in WebPlus X6, X7 or X8 simultaneously, all from one Control Panel.

If you have clients that you have built sites in X6, X7 or X8 for, and they want to be able to update text, images, videos and more themselves on line, the Impact CMS is more than probably the answer.

The system is secure, with five levels of validation, all of which have to be validated quietly in the background, before the client can action any updates to their site. The validation does not only take place at the point of log in, but also every time a save is made. The validation involves, user name and password, client ID, users location and an additional item than only lasts as long as the log in.


Designed and Built in WebPlus for WebPlus Client Sites *

* Client sites can be in X6,X7 or X8

Edit Content directly on Client Sites *

Comprehensive Admin Menu

The ONLY CMS designed for WebPlus in WebPlus

Impact CMS

  • The ONLY CMS designed for WebPlus in WebPlus.
  • Allow clients to edit content directly on their site pages.
  • Client’s do not require WebPlus to edit their site content with Impact CMS.