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New Version of Impact CMS

Impact CMS SE is a Special Edition of Impact CMS designed as a single client system and to be installed on the Client’s server. This means that the SE version requires the Client Site to be hosted on a server that supports PHP/MySqli and has an available MySQL database.

Because it all runs on the Client’s Hosting, there are no overheads on your server and everything is confined to the Client Server. The SE Control Panel installs in a sub-folder of the Client’s site.

Each installation of Impact CMS SE on each Client’s server requires a separate site license.

So what editable functions are available in the SE version?, I hear you say.

The SE version supports the following editable areas on client sites:

The SE System allows multiple users so the Client can have more than one person editing their ‘editable’ areas. It has a comprehensive Control Panel with functions such as Optimise Database, Backup Images, Backup System Settings, Backup and Download Database and more.

You also get a comprehensive User Guide, Readme Doc and Client User Guide.

See a comparison with other versions here.